Frame of Mind
Stepping away from the confines and constructs of our perceived reality, we gain a better understanding of the space we hold in relation to the space surrounding us. Inside of the box, we often forget we can extend outside of it. In other words, we relate infinitely to not just another person but everything that is around us.
"I'm you. You are them. They are it. It is I." -Jugal  
The nature of our mind reflects the nature of our creation. Jugal Patel's mixed media oil paintings are a collaborative blending of his inner imagination with the outer forces already existent. The black frames stretching beyond the canvas are similar to the spatial structure of the universe.
Expressing the concept that separation between the self and the universe is merely an illusion, a trick of the eye. 
“We are all made of the same fundamental elements of the universe that makes matter, the opposite of anti-matter, which are bounded by universal law of physics.” - Jugal
Born in India, Jugal Patel moved to the United States where he gained an education and attended college receiving his Bachelors of Science. During his college, he rekindled his passion for art, an interest since his early childhood.
“I knew from when I was small that I could sketch. I mastered my skills of working with paints in few years after college. But it all started when I had this craving of painting something and I went to an art store and grabbed some paints and canvases during college. I have been painting since. It has been about 10 plus years now that I have been painting.” - Jugal
In his art, the influence of science is hidden in plain sight. Minimal and modern with complex intention. 
Complexity and simplicity work as one. An entire universe is held within a grain of sand when viewed through a microscope but is simply a tiny speck when viewed through the naked eye.
Jugal beautifully orchestrates the manipulation of size and space by using opposing forces such as contrast to alter our perception. 
“In our complex world the simplicity is often missed.” - Jugal